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The Evolving Universe

Tuesday, February 25, 2020
7:30pm Pacific Time
KQED Broadcast: 06/28/2020, 06/30/2020, 07/01/2020, 08/01/2021, 08/03/2021

This event appeared in the series
Conversations on Science & the Future

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Brian Greene is widely recognized for his groundbreaking discoveries in the field of superstring theory.  Greene is co-founder and director of Columbia’s Institute for Strings, Cosmology, and Astroparticle Physics, and his many books include The Elegant Universe, The Fabric of the Cosmos, and The Hidden Reality. His newest, Until the End of Time: Mind, Matter, and Our Search for Meaning in an Evolving Universe, explores how life and mind emerged from the initial chaos, and how our minds, in coming to understand their own impermanence, seek in different ways to give meaning to experience: in narrative, myth, religion, creative expression, science, the quest for truth, and our longing for the eternal.

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