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Mark Shields

Wednesday, January 25, 2012
8:00pm Pacific Time
Venue: Herbst Theatre

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Since 1988, Mark Shields has provided political analysis on the award-winning “PBS NewsHour.” The Washington Post has called him “the wittiest political analyst around” as well as “frequently the most trenchant, fair-minded, and thoughtful.”  Over the years, Shields has matched his wits with a wide range of political minds and his current sparring partner on “The NewsHour” is conservative David Brooks of The New York Times.  Shields also serves as a panelist on the weekly public affairs show “Inside Washington” and was a moderator and panelist on CNN’s “Capital Gang” for seventeen years.  Before coming to journalism, Shields spent his early career working on capital hill first as a senator’s aide and then as a campaign advisor.  His first such position was with Robert F. Kennedy’s presidential campaign.  For over ten years, Shields assisted on state and local campaigns in some thirty-eight states.  His intimate knowledge of the intricacies of campaigning, and his unique perspective on Washington D.C. have made him one of television’s most respected political commentators.