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Justice Stephen Breyer

Friday, September 25, 2015
7:30pm Pacific Time
Venue: Nourse Theater

This event appeared in the series
Cultural Studies

Supreme Court Justice Stephen G. Breyer is the author of many books, including Making Our Democracy Work: A Judge’s View and Active Liberty: Interpreting Our Democratic Constitution.  A San Francisco native (he attended Lowell High School), Breyer received a BA in philosophy from Stanford, attended Oxford as a Marshall Scholar, and earned his law degree from Harvard University.  He was appointed to the Supreme Court in 1994 by President Clinton.  Breyer is known for his pragmatic approach to constitutional law, urging judges to consider both the purpose of statutory and constitutional text, as well as the potential consequences of specific rulings when deciding cases.  His optimistic viewpoint, well articulated in his books, describes judges as essential in building “productive working relationships with other institutions,” especially Congress and the Executive branches. Justice Breyer’s forthcoming book is The Court and The World. 


Marcia Coyle is a lawyer, journalist, and the Chief Washington Correspondent for The National Law Journal, covering the U.S. Supreme Court and national legal issues. She has written about the Supreme Court for over 25 years, with her coverage appearing in VogueMs. Magazine, The New York Times Books Review, and many others. She is also a regular contributor of Supreme Court analysis to PBS’ The NewsHour.