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Fran Lebowitz

Wednesday, February 1, 2023
7:30pm Pacific Time
KQED Broadcast: 02/12/2023, 02/14/2023, 02/15/2023

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In a cultural landscape filled with endless pundits and talking heads, Fran Lebowitz stands out as one of our most insightful social commentators. Her essays and interviews offer her acerbic views on current events and the media – as well as pet peeves including tourists, baggage-claim areas, after-shave lotion, adults who roller skate, children who speak French, or anyone who is unduly tan. All of this (and more) is captured in the beloved Netflix series Pretend It’s a City, directed by Martin Scorsese. The New York Times Book Review calls Lebowitz an “important humorist in the classic tradition.” Purveyor of urban cool, Lebowitz is a cultural satirist whom many call the heir to Dorothy Parker.

Manny Yekutiel is the owner of Manny’s – a civic events and community space in San Francisco’s Mission District. The purpose of Manny’s is to create a physical space for civic life and to that end they’ve hosted thousands of conversations and events related to the issues of the day. Mannypreviously worked on President Obama’s and Secretary Clinton’s Presidential Campaigns and is a proud LGBT Jewish small business owner.

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Photo by Brigitte Lacombe