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Adam Savage & John Hodgman

Wednesday, May 29, 2013
7:30pm Pacific Time
Venue: Nourse Theater, 275 Hayes St.

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Adam Savage is an industrial special effects designer, and actor.  His multifarious talents, and quirky mix of artistic, theater-design and mechanical skills led him to work as an industrial special effects designer for many film and television endeavors, including George Lucas’ Star Wars, Episodes 1 and 2, A.I., Terminator 3, and over a dozen commercials.  He also headed a start-up toy company overseeing product development, merchandising and package design.  In 2002, Adam moved in front of the camera to appear as co-host of The Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters where he showcases his exceptional problem-solving skills and infectious sense of curiosity.

John Hodgman is a humorist, author, and television personality. Hodgman’s acting career includes regular appearances as the “resident expert” on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart and as the “Personal Computer”—a personification of a PC—in a series of Apple commercials. Hodgman has authored a satirical trilogy of books, The Areas of My Expertise, More Information Than You Require, and That Is All. In the books, which are presented as factual almanacs but contain almost no actual facts, Hodgman covers topics including the Loch Ness Monster, the nine U.S. presidents who had hooks for hands, and hermit crab racing.